Knight Lighting, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of premium low-voltage outdoor lighting systems.
Our services are appropriate for and lend considerable benefit to both commercial and residential settings.

For the homeowner, landscape designer or architect working with a private client Knight Lighting, Inc. offers:

Added home security

Knight Lighting, Inc. outdoor lighting systems serve as a functional deterrent to would be vandals, prowlers, or worse. Our systems are engineered to accomplish this without the use of harsh spotlights or other light sources that can cause glare and otherwise conflict with the natural and architectural surroundings.

Increased home safety

By illuminating specific areas in the landscape, Knight Lighting, Inc. can minimize the risks of slips or falls throughout your landscape and help to ease any liability concerns you may have. Specific techniques like path and downlighting will make any landscape a safer more comfortable place for family and friends to enjoy.
Further opportunities to use and enjoy the landscape
Never again let darkness curtail outdoor activities like dining, entertaining or relaxing on the patio. Knight Lighting, Inc. will design and install an outdoor lighting system that will extend the usable hours of any property and add increased function and romance to the evening landscape.
Amplified home beauty, value and curb appeal
A professionally designed and installed Knight Lighting, Inc. system will uncover the hidden beauty of any property, boost the property value as expected from a professional home improvement, and lend visual interest to the evening landscape.
These same benefits are also applicable to all Knight Lighting, Inc. commercial projects. However, some of the following services are specific to the commercial landscape.
Illumination of signs, banners and other forms of outdoor advertising.
Facade and wall lighting to lend texture and visual interest to architecture on the property.
Entry markers and drive illumination particularly appropriate for gated communities, private complexes, rental properties, etc..
Illumination of public parks, sports fields, walking trails, and outdoor community areas.
Complete fountain and underwater lighting capabilities.
Lighting design and installation in accordance with foot candle requirements for parking lots, and walkways to and from the buildings or complex these lots serve.
Subtle yet effective lighting for outdoor dining and seating areas, bars and courtyards.

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