Since 1985 Knight Lighting, Inc. has specialized solely in the design and installation of professional outdoor lighting systems and solutions for the discriminating property owner and landscape designer. We are a truly international provider of low-voltage landscape lighting with the majority of our work concentrated throughout Quebec, where we are headquartered, and in the southeastern United States.

We specialize in low-voltage outdoor lighting. Low-voltage systems and the diversity of equipment available allow us the flexibility to address the specific lighting demands presented by any property. Low-voltage lighting is an energy efficient alternative to high voltage sources. Even the most elaborate systems can be operated with minimal expense and electrical consumption.

Knight Lighting, Inc. gives you access to all the equipment necessary for a complete and professional outdoor lighting design and installation. But perhaps more importantly, we offer the knowledge and experience needed to specify and employ this wide array of equipment. This knowledge and experience allows us to provide lighting systems tailored to the owner or designer's individual expectations and the specific features of any property or landscape.

All of our systems use only the finest warranty protected, industry approved components, fixtures, and voltage reducing transformers available on the market today. Nightscaping®, the company that founded the low-voltage lighting industry in 1959, is our preferred manufacturer based on the product quality, durability, diversity and manufacturer's guarantees they offer.

Knight Lighting, Inc. is a certified Nightscaping® Select Dealer and factory recommended source for professional outdoor lighting design and installation services. Our work has been selected to grace the pages of literature material and web sites developed by Nightscaping® to promote their outdoor lighting line both in Canada, the United States, and abroad. This recognition is both a tribute and testimony to the premier quality lighting designs and installations you can expect from Knight Lighting, Inc



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